All about her

Status: Complicated? Nah. Just kidding Lol.

Okay so let’s talk about her. She started talking about this since the world almost gave full of challenges in her. She was once a happy go lucky person until life turned different in her sight. Ever since she was a kid everyday on her life is a pure expectations in her family. Expecting to be an honor student. Expecting to have high grades. Expecting to always be active in class. Expecting to be the best in others which turns out great even if so hard for her to meet those expectations. And suddenly life goes by on wrong time in unexpected circumstances.  Her “lolo” died when she  was at the age of 10. It is really a big lost for her. They were so closed in each other’s hand. Her lolo is the number 1 on the list whose expecting when she’s working to be on the top. She was a spoiled brat by him. And this cause a big change in her life.  It feels like she’s been lost to a paradise where she was the only person who’s in there. This happen during her 3rd quarter exam. And guess what? She didn’t make it. Her teachers gave her a second chance to make her grades back to normal. But she still didn’t make it. She was indispose at that time to review her lessons that’s why she lost on top. she became more of her than you expected. She graduated without honors. Imagine it’s only 2 years to maintain on the top but she didn’t still make a move because she was too indispose and feel lonely on what happen to her lolo’s death. Of course time is moving so her life. She transfer at cssm in highschool. This was never so hard for her to make new friends and feel like home in her new school. As a becoming “teen” this was the time where she experience outside hangouts. She always do what she wanted. Coming home at late. More hangouts with friends and she almost forget focusing in school. Until life attack again in her world. 

Her mom died in Malaysia. It’s really hard for her to stand up again and the saddest part is before her mom died they don’t have this happy moments instead of fighting in each other everyday. I don’t know if I should continue this but let’s move forward. 

After she pass 1st yr hs. She tranfer another school. New cycle of friends again. Bla bla bla. (Skip skip skip 😝) she got pregnant at 15. She handle it alone with her baby girl. She taught that she wouldn’t make it. But she’s wrong. Everyone around keep on motivatin her. It’s like the tables turns back on track again. She admit it that it’s so hard to be a young mother. But she didn’t take the baby to reprize her problems. She made it through with her daughter until she heard her baby’s crying voice ✴tears✴ after that she continue her new chapter with new people in her life and still smiling at “almost” the end of her story. Now she’s doing better each day. And I can’t wait to see her daughter and herself grow up πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“

Sunday, april 16 12:08 AM